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About Creative Knots

CREATIVE KNOTS is an exclusive and premium handmade rug atelier, has emerged from parent company Z.ALAM CARPET COLLECTION, which has been making handmade rugs since 1983.

The boutique studio finds its origins amidst the rich design landscapes and ceaseless sand dunes, colorful turbans and faded frescos- the cities of Bhadohi and Varanasi in India.

Embracing authenticity in aesthetics, CREATIVE KNOT’S designs carve out a new niche and modernize the traditional mastery of rug making. Whilst reviving the age-old crafts and working with master craftsmen, the design house believes in adding the romance back in this world of mass produce. The result is carpets with handwriting like no other.

Each and every steps that are involved in manufacturing a quality carpet, comes from the fact that, every single thread knotting is designed in such a way, to bring strength, durability and of course a creative impact, this is what we as a carpet manufacturer work for under our work ethics.

With color explorations and texture innovations, the brand creates proprietary yarn shades, unique blends and distinctive finishes. The outcome of which is exquisite hand knotted area rugs that are sui generis in design, touch, appearance and experience.